Our successful story and vision.

Our desire is to bring the beauty of natural stone in furniture design.

Our story and vision

BERNIX furniture design is a Slovenian furniture brand specialising in creating exclusive, handcrafted marble tables of premium quality and timeless design. Admiring the decorative values and high quality of marble, we aim to bring the beauty of natural stone to fashionable furnishings.

The company was founded by a married couple Ekaterina & Borut Bernik.

We are designing and producing various types of marble tables such as coffee tables, side tables, console tables and dining tables. The concept of our collection of marble tables is combination of exclusive marble tops and handmade metal bases. All our products are made with advanced craftsmanship in Slovenia.

Our advantagies are the following:

  • Natural marble: we offer an excellent selection of various types of exclusive natural marble;
  • Handcrafted products: all products are handmade by craftsmen with excellent knowledge and many years of experience in Slovenia;
  • Premium quality: we offer a premium quality product with the best choice of materials. All metal bases are hand built with special care and attention to details and durability;
  • Protective coating: we offer the possibility of applying the unique protective coating on marble – lacquering;
  • Unique product: each marble slab in nature has a slightly different pattern, which makes each product created using this material truly unique;
  • Custom-made tables: we can create products according to required measures (all dimensions: width, depth, height can be customized);
  • Projects: we design and create products for commercial and residential projects;

You can see our marble tables in furniture showroom ORION Intertrade in Ljubljana.

About products


Each original BERNIX product is the result of the use of the modern design, best materials and premium quality. Production is carried out by artisans who are using the knowledge handed down from generation to generation combined with the most up to date techniques. All products are handcrafted in Slovenia.

Pure and minimalist design of marble tables makes it easy to pair them with different seating elements.

Each marble table can be a single element or be a part of beautiful composition with other tables. Bernix tables perfectly fit in a variety of interior design styles. Marble tables can be used both for residential and public interior spaces.

For tables you can choose from 7 different options of table tops and 3 different options of metal bases.

About production

In BERNIX furniture design products are made on orders. Each BERNIX product is handcrafted  according to order from customer.

Full production process from order placement takes 4-5 weeks. In case of using lacquering (special protection coverage of marble), production takes 8-9 weeks.

The process of production includes choosing a piece of marble with unique pattern according to the order from the customer, cutting and edge processing of the marble by the experienced artisans.

Processing of marble is possible in 2 ways: 

  • POLISHING – marble processing, possible in glossy or mat.
  • LACQUERING – special protection coverage for which is used the unique process of protection of marble against aggressive liquids and damaging. It gives additional protection to marble and is available in mat or glossy coverage. We recommend lacquering in case of regularly use of coffee tables for serving food and drinks (in restaurants, coffee bars, launges etc.).

After polishing/lacquering, marble tops are fixed on carefully hand built metal bases and packed in  protective packages, specially designed to protect our products from damaging during delivery.


Interior design

We offer interior design services including interior design concept with all nessesary plans, high quality visualisations and choose of materials and furniture.

Please feel free to contact us any time. We are quick to respond and we are committed to providing the best service for our customers.