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What are the latest trends in interior and furniture design of 2019?

Where to go to see all the latest trends in furnishing? The answer is – ofcourse to imm cologne, the international furniture and interiors fair which takes place every year in  Cologne.

Furnishing your house is no longer just decorating of your home, it creates special character and style and how you decorate and combine all the details of your home interior can say a lot of your personality. We spend a lot of our time at home where we share our lives with the ones we love, find peace and shelter from the all problems that we face outside. That is why arranging the space around us is very  important task that in the end every time we come home we could feel relaxed and secured and get the proper energy from having our time inside our own home.

Wandering along the large halls of the fair you can find a wide range of different seating elements, kitchens, tables, wardrobes and different accesories for your home. Every productioner of furniture tries to show the best of his performance that is why your eyes are catched up by beds which are located almost amoung the real jungle in one of the exhibition halls or open kitches where shefs are preparing delisious dishes in couple of minutes.

The furniture fair in Cologne suggested a lot of ideas for arranging interiors. Starting from the classical grey, playing on the shades with combination of warm details in metal, mainly brass and gold and to the bright combinations of different colours such as  deep green and optimistic yellow.

In interior and furniture design you could  find clean lines and simmetrical forms  presented mainly in dark, elegant variants while dark blue and green can be combined with gold and brass details. On the other hand there was a wide range of interiors in light colours, such as beigge and  light grey colours, mainly referring to kitchens and bedroomes.

Extreamly popular modular and multifunctional compositions in furniture: sofas that you can modelate according to your mood and the available space and different coffee tables  and compositions with them which give this special style and charm to any room and also  can be moved from time to time and used for different purposes in interior.

What you could never skip is the lighting, amazing shapes and dimensions which created the beautiful atmosphere and properly accented the space and the details, created the finished look of any space.  Details create the design and the producers on the furniture fair suggested the wide range of different accesories: such us sophisticated lamps, mainly represented in forms of big bubbles, shelves, vases and other decorations.

Sideboards are also very popular, they are like come back from the past but are looking extremely modern, made of high quality woods and are presented in different variations and dimensions.

The latest trends on materials: are wood, metal and glass. Natural marble is more than a trend, no longer considered to be classical as it could be found here and there  in decoration of modern coffee tables, dinning tables, wardrobes and different accesories. What should be mentioned, that trend is on natural wood, such as oak and elm which are also good for health and look trendy and in style for many years.

Visiting such a fair is a great experience, you get in touch with the latest trends in interior and furniture design and have this unique opportnunity to meet people who stand behind the brands, designers and creators. The other good point is that you  will get a lot of impressions and ideas, which will help you in your daily work if you are an arhitect or designer or are looking for ideas to make a change in your own home.

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